Firstly, thank you for shopping or exploring Blobbies. I started Blobbies because I believed that there was so much more to do in the kid’s personal care space. I wanted to do better by offering parents eco-friendly and fun bath and body care options for their families. We are an eco - conscious British made natural, sustainable brand for babies and children.

Blobbies is on a mission to make real life issues fun, educational and accessible for children so we can all create a better future, together. At Blobbies we are determined to create a positive social and environmental impact. Our Sea Shepherd partnership has a big part to play in that as we will be giving back to a cause that has the power to help solve and impact many of the environmental issues we are currently facing.

Partners with Sea Shepherd

Sea Shepherd is an international, non-profit marine conservation organization that engages in direct action campaigns to defend wildlife, and conserve and protect the world’s oceans from illegal exploitation and environmental destruction. It was founded over 40 years ago and owns 12 vessels which play a key part in their mission to defend, conserve and protect. Many celebrities such as Christian Bale, Brigitte Bardot, Pamela Anderson, Orlando Bloom, Pierce Brosnan, Dalai lama and Sean Penn and many more are big supporters of the charity.

Sea Shepherd is central to the Blobbies story. I had an instant connection with their founder Paul Watson. After watching many of his documentaries and movies she was so inspired by him and just how much he gave up to fight for our oceans and marine life. Paul was one of the founding members of Greenpeace and has since gone to exceptional lengths to bring Sea Shepherd to where it is today.

The relationship between Blobbies and Sea shepherd Is integral to our story. When you purchase from Blobbies part of our proceeds will go back to Sea Shepherd. Each Blobby character has an opportunity to become our consumers friend and educate them on how to make better choices in a fun and accessible way.

Meet the blobbies

Hello friends, I am Victor the Jelliblob! I love food, racing, books and gathering my friends for our daily clean up club. I don’t like sticky sea creatures and those hoomans who chase us. Join Blobbies and help us save the planet.

Hello friends, I am Rosie the Octiblob. love music, magic and potions and munching on delicious sea grass. I don’t like cold weather and rain, or those pesky nets that I get all muddled in. I spend my days in the warmer waters grazing on seabed sponges so our coral doesnt get suffocated. Join Blobbies and help us save the planet.

Hello friends, I am Sammy the Seablob. I love hugs, napping and giggles. I like the cold as my belly keeps me very warm, I don’t like being alone. I love playing with my friends and going to the clean up club. I do my best to stay away from those big folk who always try to take me away from my home. Join Blobbies and help us save the planet.

Rachael and the blobbies